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Have you been turned down for a home loan or denied financing with a bank? We know it can be frustrating for various reasons. Foreclosure, bankruptcy, self employment, etc. These things are OK with Creative Financing MN. If you have some cash available, then we have some great options available to you. If you have access to funds for a down payment, then we should talk! If you are selling a home, and want to buy another home, we can help!

Are you looking for a hard money lender? contract for deed? lease with option to purchase, or rent to own? We have many programs available to help you buy a home. We also work direct with local private investors that offer financing options.

We can help you get into a home with a variety of options and contracts available. Let’s talk about the details of your specific needs and find a solution for you.

Below is a break down of some of the highlights of each of these creative financing MN options.

Creative Financing MN options:

Hard money lenders: Minimum of 20-25% down payment ($35,000 minimum on $150k minimum purchase).

Contract for deed  Minimum of 10% down payment option between $250- 450k purchase price. 15% down from $150k – 249k ($27,500 minimum on $150k minimum purchase). And 15% down for homes over $450k. Can put down up to 25% down payment with better rates and terms. Property within the 7 county metro area. Minimum of 25% down payment anywhere in the state of MN. ($37,500 minimum on $150k minimum purchase).

Rent to own  2 months rent deposit. ($2000/mo. – $4000 minimum deposit) Within the twin cities MN area, and surrounding suburbs. Requires a credit score of 550 or more. Annual household income of $60k or more.

Standard mortgage financing

Available in Minnesota and Wisconsin – The best way to purchase a home is with a mortgage. If you have a credit score over 580, you may be able to qualify for an FHA mortgage with the lender referrals I have available to you. Here are some of the minimums needed:

FHA Mortgage: Minimum of 3.5% down payment. ($7000 needed for a $200k purchase).

Conventional Mortgage: Minimum of 3-5% down payment. ($7000-$10,000 needed for a $200k purchase).

Lets get back to the creative financing MN options, since this is why you are here reading this web page. I want to provide as much information as I can here so that you can make a decision on what will work best for you. If you have more than 20% available and you want to put more money down toward the purchase of a home, we have some great options for you. Credit does not matter when you have cash to work with.

If one of the above options work better for you financially, then lets take the next step and look at the options by clicking the creative financing MN links below:

Contract for Deed

For more details about Contract for Deed creative financing MN:

Lease with Option to Purchase

For more details about Lease Options and Rent to own creative financing MN:

We can help you get into a home with many options and contracts available. Lets talk about your specific situation and find a solution for you.

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